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This A.S.H. is an example of some classic genetic lines in perhaps the "trinity" of genetic lines, Afghani, Skunk, and Haze. The blend of these influences could be seen in all areas of the sample, from its structure, to its smell, to the effects. We all enjoyed this strain but saw potential for better medicinal-level duration and better flavor lurking within, namely due to what we see as a slightly early harvest and not-quite thorough enough flush. These flaws didn't do much to dampen the overall experience however, and the mix of uplifting and ground effects from the Afghani and Haze parts of this strain were an enjoyable tug-of-war that ultimately felt like a great hybrid. This is a good strain for those who appreciate the classic taste palate of Skunk and Afghani and desire a daytime mix of Sativa and Indica effects — we felt that the strongly cerebral and slightly rushy start would be a little much for inexperienced patients, especially those who suffer from anxiety or nausea issues.


Afghani Skunk x Afghani Haze


Bred by Mr. Nice Seedbank


Claw-shaped fern green sepals in open, loose calyxes, with driftwood brown pisitls, and above average coverage with short, thin stalked trichomes with large heads


he staff's consensus favorite part of this sample, the aroma was a very classic-smelling mix of musky, skunky, garlicy, vegetal, and lightly fruity/sweet all at once. The lightly sweet and fruity Afghani musk it broadcasts in the jar is rather pungent, but it increases further when ground and takes on more of the garlic dimension as well, always with the Haze spice in the background.


Flavor-wise, this strain was again a mix between the almost putrid, lightly sweet, fruity Afghan and slightly sharper and spicy flavors. We didn't feel that the smell came through to the taste as cleanly as we would have liked, we think this is partly due to the Haze-style bud structure containing a decent amount of leaf cover, which brought added harshness and standard smoke flavor to the party. The thick smoke that results from this one was moderately expansive and did hit the lungs a bit hard, causing some coughing at times.


We felt both parts of the lineage on this one pretty clearly, and it almost seemed to run the gambit of Sativa and Indica even between our review staff, with one member reporting heavily Sativa feelings, one somewhere in-between, and one leaning slightly towards the Indica side. The start was clearly Sativa and Hazy in nature, coming on rather strongly to start, but seemingly building over the first 30-45 minutes, filling our heads with pressure, our chests with a fluttery, light, borderline rushy feeling, and a slight loss of vestibular senses (felt like we were moving or spinning at times, especially with eyes closed). It definitely served to wake us up a bit with the potency, but it also cast a bit of a "sensory blanket" feeling over everything, and we just felt a little bit mentally slow despite the internal energy. Still, we were able to function in more creative and less detail-minded tasks, and the relaxation feelings increased as it rolled past 1.5 hours. The Afghani body effects seemed to come into play around the same time, serving to bring us back down after a rather 'up' beginning, but it never really made us drowsy or came with the crash we expected. A long, slow decline following the end of medicinal-level effects around 2 hours carried us out to about 3 total.


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