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Last Updated August 3rd, 2021

PotGuide aims to provide a platform where accurate and informative reviews are available for our readers. All reviews on our website are submitted by PotGuide users and each post is moderated by an internal review team in adherence with the guidelines set forth in this policy.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of our review ecosystem, PotGuide does not allow paid review additions or removals under any circumstance.

PotGuide makes every effort to ensure reviews are useful to readers and offer quality, genuine commentary on a given business. In pursuit of this effort, we reserve the right to deny any comment or review that violates our company’s ethical standards. There are instances where reviews need to be moderated before publishing. Some of the guidelines we use in making these decisions, and actions that will result in automatic denial are:

Review Moderation Guidelines:

  • Offensive language of any kind
  • Personal attacks or threats (instances of harassment are not tolerated, and may be reported to law enforcement authorities)
  • Inclusion of personal information, including a person’s full name, phone number or other personal details. First names are sometimes allowable for Budtenders and Managers, but are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to retain privacy. In general, if personal information goes beyond what can be found on a nametag, it’s not allowed
  • Advocating, promoting, or referencing taking part in illegal activity of any kind, i.e. “get if from your dealer” or making reference to transporting cannabis illegally across state lines. PotGuide supports only legal cannabis businesses and transactions.
  • Web links to other sites
  • Legal complaints or claims (the review and comments sections are not to be used for legal complaints and legal issues should be taken up with the appropriate enforcement agency)
  • Content unrelated to the customer experience
  • Spam

Reviews published on PotGuide are intended to help consumers better understand the shopping experience at a given business, and we make every effort to ensure the feedback is both useful and genuine. Discussions about ancillary matters, such as employment disputes or false complaints, are best taken up with the dispensary directly, and may be taken down regardless of previous approval if the content is found to be in violation after posting. If a review is flagged for denial or removal it is because it was found to be in violation of our site guidelines.

In the instance of a valid negative review, businesses are encouraged to respond to consumers. The PotGuide review platform is a tool for conflict resolution and allows businesses the opportunity to redeem themselves if mistakes were made. We feel this is a positive and necessary experience for any consumer experiencing frustration. If the conflict is resolved, consumers are encouraged to update their review to reflect any progress made.

We appreciate your feedback, and are always happy to help foster constructive conversations about cannabis. If you believe a review was published or taken down in error, please contact us at and we will investigate the matter.