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Now more than ever, cannabis consumers are turning to delivery services to make their purchases. Without a physical presence, making your delivery stand out from the competition is key.

PotGuide helps you connect to over 1.5 million visitors a month, with deal listings, real time menus and powerful advertising options to help your business go the distance.

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Searchable Delivery Areas

Searchable Delivery Areas

Consumers simply enter their desired delivery address and PotGuide will display all the delivery services available for their location. Make sure you are front and center in the results. Without a PotGuide listing your delivery service is invisible to most.

We offer multiple options for how you define your delivery area.

Post Deals and Gain Exposure

Deals are visible on your business profile and in the deals directory, providing you double the exposure to consumers. Help customers get to know you, and distinguish your delivery from the rest.

Post Deals and Gain Exposure

Real-time  menu integration

Real-time Menu Integration

Keep your menu up to date with one of our many POS integrations.
Featuring: Dutchie, Flowhub, GreenBits, LeafLogix, MJFreeway and more.

Keep Your Businesses Together

Have a brick and mortar location? PotGuide allows you to link your businesses profiles for more exposure.

Keep Your Businesses Together

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Upgrade to a Featured Listing

Featured listings get 2-5x more exposure by expanding your visibility on the site. Featured listings are also free of display ads and competitor listings.

Transparency At Each Step

Unlike many of our competitors, we believe you should have complete insight into the metrics of your advertising campaign on PotGuide. Each month we provide analytics reports offering insights into how well your campaign is performing. Be in control and make informed business decisions with data.

Monthly Analytics Reporting