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Go try this one, now.  You’ll want to tell someone someday that you were part of A20/Dr. Blaze’s awesome experiment that shaped Colorado strains for the two-thousand teens!


Beautiful.  In plain sight it appears extremely white/light yellow.  These pictures show that there really is a good amount of orange hair throughout.  This strain will become very noticeable as it progresses and I have a feeling some folks will believe they are dealing with a “white” strain.


A nice, strong aroma.  While it was familiar I was unable to pick out the individual characteristics of the crosses, confirming this really is its own strain and positioned to grow.


The taste got me as an earthy piney taste when I was expecting a more fruity experience.  Excellent expansion.


Energy based Sativa buzz.  Very easy to work and stay motivated, not so easy to watch a movie or relax.


This is a VERY interesting strain, one that I think has not quite reached its prime.  A20 has done a great job so far, simply seeing one of these buds will juice your thoughts.  It’s obvious they are on the right track, have picked an awesome combination of strains to cross, and most importantly, have a true medicinal focus for the outcome of the Coup de Grace.  In my very humble opinion, they just haven’t reached the finish line with this one (maybe a cross back to a blue for additional pain management?)

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