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Our medical cannabis delivery program serves patients in the Eastern part of the state—from our floor to your door!

All first-time orders will receive 20% off your first order. However, it will not stack with our first-time medical patient or re-certification discount. We will stack with our veteran discounts, hardship discounts, and deal of the week.

All orders over $150 are free of a delivery charge, orders less than $150 will have a $20 delivery fee associated.

Beyond having your cannabis brought to your door, we have a few other perks to share with you. For each of your first four orders, we’ll be offering a little something extra on top:

  • 1st Order: 20% off (Not stackable with in-store first visit discount)
  • 2nd Order: Get a 4-pack of Hi5 for a penny (Put one in your cart and we’ll take care of the rest)
  • 3rd Order: Receive a local gift card (We’ll surprise you when we arrive, that’s all)
  • 4th Order: Get a Theory hat or t-shirt for a penny (Add a hat OR shirt to your order and we’ll take care of the rest)


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