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Thursday August 1, 2019

By Michael Walters

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Solventless cannabis concentrates are quickly becoming some of the most popular products on dispensary shelves – especially rare hash products like live rosin and rosin sauce. From novice to connoisseur, all types of cannabis consumers are turning to solventless preparations for their purity, potency and range of use. It’s true, solventless concentrates are becoming more and more available to consumers, especially with innovations in the home rosin press. With the right equipment, DIY rosin made from bubble hash can even rival some of the finest, rarest solventless hash products found in dispensaries. Since the best solventless products are fetching a high price at the dispensary though (and lacking innovative products like rosin edibles), having your own rosin press can be the perfect way to ensure you’re always dabbing high-quality concentrates and staying on the cutting edge of consumer trends. Plus, you’ll be able to make your very own rare hash products that aren’t available anywhere else!

The Rise of Rare Hash Products

As mentioned above, rosin is the new high-end standard to beat in the world of concentrates. The mechanically separated hash is potent, flavorful and free of potentially harmful solvents. In response, dispensary shelves are stocked with more rosin preparations than ever. Learn about some of the stunning new solventless options available to consumers below:

Live Rosin

Most commercial rosin you’ll see at the dispensary is made from heated, pressed bubble hash. What sets live rosin apart is the starting material. Similar to live resin, the harvested cannabis flower is not cured before the trichomes are agitated and collected into bubble hash. Rather, the plant is cut down and frozen immediately to preserve the “living” aspects of the plant, resulting in a more full-spectrum experience.

There are many different solventless products that can be made from squishing plant matter or bubble hash. photo credit

The subsequent full-melt hash is then freeze-dried before being pressed into live rosin. This method retains even more flavor and terpenes from that original plant than standard bubble hash from cured flower. Live rosin tends to be almost white in color, with superior taste and smoothness.

Rosin Sauce

Rosin can be induced to make crystals similar to how live resin is. In order to achieve this, warm live rosin is collected right off the press into air-tight containers (typically jars, which is why this method is referred to as “jar tech”) and then heated slowly for days. By containing the material, the buildup in pressure causes THCA to separate from terpenes, lipids and plant waxes and develop into a crystalline structure (AKA rosin “diamonds”). The result is a concentrate with the potency, appearance and flavor of live resin, while remaining solventless. While this can be achieved with almost any starting material using chemical methods, rosin sauce is typically only successful when top quality starting material is used.

Rosin Badder

At the lower range of pressing temperatures, rosin takes on a sticky, batter-like consistency, and retains more terpene content. This method is sometimes used less in retail rosin preparations due to lower yields, but what it loses in weight it makes up in flavor.

Making Solventless Hash Products at Home

The modern rosin market can be a bit daunting to navigate. Though prices have been slowly dropping, rosin, in all of its many splendid forms, still carries some the heftiest price tags in the industry by gram. That is of course, if you can even find it. Connoisseur concentrate culture has become so in-demand that shops will announce their “drops,” just as a limited edition sneaker would, and fans rush to grab the limited runs in a flash. By the time your average consumer makes it down to the dispensary, there may be nothing left to buy. This set-up can’t sustain for long. As consumers seek out the purest and safest products, premium rosin is only going to get more popular.

So what’s a proper hash-head to do? Like many things in cannabis, the best answer is to do it yourself, and start making premium hash products at home.

Thankfully, there are great companies out there that make it easy to create rare hash products in the comfort of your own home. PurePressure, a cannabis industry leader in solventless hash equipment and purpose-driven rosin presses, recently rolled out an exciting and innovative line of at-home rosin presses. The Helix and Helix Pro rosin presses offer an incredibly effective and precise approach to making solventless hash. But don’t just take our word for it, the accolades PurePressure receives from industry leaders alone should be more than enough evidence as to why the Helix line is simply the best.

CubanGrower Hash
Cannabis industry leaders like CubanGrower (hash pictured above) extract some of the highest quality products with PurePressure Helix rosin presses. photo credit

CubanGrower, a popular Instagram personality and award-winning solventless hash guru, has nothing but high praise for his Helix Pro. When discussing the enhanced features the Helix line offers, CubanGrower noted, “With the Helix, you can literally feel the hash as you press it. I didn’t know how important precision pressure control was until I actually had it in the press I was using.” Of course, extractors like CubanGrower have years of experience and innovation under their belts, but who knows, owning a PurePressure rosin press could be the first step toward making your very own award-winning hash. You have to start somewhere, right? And owning the most popular rosin press among the commercial cannabis industry’s leading solventless processers is a pretty good start.

Though it may sound like a bigger undertaking, making one’s own rosin at home can actually remove a lot of the hassle of acquiring good concentrates – especially with the help of quality equipment. While debate rages on the optimal temperature for rosin pressing, the range tends to be between 160°-220°F at a time of 1-5 minutes. Getting these precise figures dialed in is likely to vary depending on the starting product used and the desired output. Different combinations will yield different consistencies and levels of terpene retention, and precision throughout is important, especially if you’re hoping to replicate the results.

Importance of a Quality Rosin Press

While it is completely possible to make rosin using a hair straightener or similar coopted device, those looking to make the best hash products and rosin will need a quality rosin press. Why? THC is a relatively unstable compound, especially susceptible to heat. Thus, inaccurate or uneven heat dispersal is an easy way to waste good starting material. At the best, there’s a high chance of inconsistent product and at worst you’re looking at having to scrap a whole batch. The consistent temperature and pressure dispersal possible with purpose-built rosin presses are needed to make reliable, high-quality rosin preparations. After all, that’s how the professionals do it.

However, it’s important to note that not every rosin press on the market will yield great results. Along with the right expertise and know-how, every at-home solventless concentrate extractor needs a quality rosin press. There are plenty of presses on the market made by a variety of manufacturers, but none carry a stronger reputation than PurePressure. In fact, most of the rare hash products made by the top commercial extractors come from PurePressure’s line of purpose-driven rosin presses.

PurePressure Helix Pro Rosin Press
A quality rosin press can make or break your solventless extraction experience. photo credit

Extending beyond the two solventless producers mentioned above, these days, almost every noteworthy commercial concentrate brand with a solventless product line uses PurePressure, and with the Helix rosin press line you can take their years of expertise and technology home! With PurePressure’s Helix and Helix Pro rosin presses, making connoisseur-quality solventless hash products at home is easier than ever and both models allow anyone to safely make incredible hash products from the comfort of their own home. The Helix, PurePressure’s introductory home unit, can easily press up to 6 grams of flower or 10 grams of sift or bubble hash per cycle, dishing out up to 3 tons in pressure, plenty to get any rosin enthusiast started in making some serious concentrates. For those looking to step their game up even further, the larger Helix Pro can handle up to 12 grams of flower or 20+ grams of sift or bubble hash per cycle and 5 tons of pressure.

There are a number of good reasons to get into at-home rosin pressing, from price to supply. For those looking to get serious about at-home rosin production, the Helix line is an ideal choice. In addition to its safety and ease of use, Helix machines uses a manual-set pressure plate and real-time bag pressure display, ensuring your hash is pressed consistently to your desired parameters every time.

Beyond Dabbing: Doing All the Rest with Solventless Concentrates

Solventless products aren’t just for dabbing. In fact, rosin can be used for a variety of infusions, like edibles, topicals, beauty items, and other premium cannabis products. Pressing solventless concentrates at home has led to an uptick in rosin edibles and other infused solventless products. And since you’ll typically only see rosin intended for dabbing on dispensary shelves, owning your own an at-home rosin press can provide access to countless solventless infusions and preparations. Doing so will open yourself up to the true potential of solventless concentrates and their wide range of uses. So, what are you waiting for? Start your solventless hash journey today by picking up your very own at-home rosin press!

Have you ever tried making solventless concentrates at home? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Photo Credit: PurePressure (license)


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