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Tuesday October 24, 2017

Updated on 8/2/2021

By Michael Walters

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Ask any cannabis consumer about their experience with edibles. Most marijuana enthusiasts have an interesting story or two – and many have suffered from unpleasant effects associated with overconsumption or inconsistent dosing. While these experiences can lead to some pretty entertaining conversations, it’s generally better to avoid them and shoot for solely positive effects.

How can you avoid the negative effects of edibles when dosing is still fairly inconsistent? Luckily, there are some cannabis companies who believe in consistent, effective dosing that can be relied upon.

Finding Consistent Dosing in Edibles

Whether you’re looking for a mild, pleasant high or need complete body and muscle relief, it is important to know the edible you’re taking will provide those results. However, it can be challenging to judge the potency and consistency of a product without trying it.

After all, edibles are much different than flower and quality cannot be accurately depicted on a surface level.

One way to combat this issue and identify the right edible products for you is by sampling several different brands and products to see which one best suits your individual needs. If you find a product you like, buy it again and see if it yields the same results. Doing so will give you a good feel of what to expect from that specific product.

Having said this, spending money on several products in hopes to find a suitable solution can be a pricey endeavor – and even worse, you may not even like what you bought! For everyone who is searching for a reliable, accurate and easy way to consume edibles, we have the product for you.

Stratos Makes Edibles Consistent, Safe and Easy

Remember when we mentioned that there are cannabis companies out there striving to bring consumers the most consistently effective edibles on the market? Well, look no further. Stratos, a Colorado-based company is doing just that. We had a chance to visit their facility recently and were truly impressed with their attention to detail and dedication to produce a high-quality product for patients and consumers alike.

With over 80 years of clinical drug formulation and pharmaceutical experience, Stratos’ team of experts have introduced pharmaceutical-grade tablets in hopes of changing the way patients and consumers utilize their cannabis.

Stratos’ pharmaceutical grade tablets are effective, consistent & reliable. photo credit

Formulated to maximize the bioavailability and reliability of edible ingestion, Stratos has created a product line of cannabis-infused tablets that are taking the industry by storm. Not only do the tablets come in different varieties targeted toward a specific feeling (Energy, Relax, Sleep, CBD) but they are also a health-conscious way of consuming edibles, as they are vegan, gluten-free and do not contain any sugars or unnecessary calories.

Best of all? Their products are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in a lab setting and every tablet produced has an accurate potency down to the percent. Additionally, Stratos utilizes CO2 extraction and even cannabinoid distribution to ensure quick and consistent uptake that is clean and free of harmful solvents.

Ensuring Product Reliability

It’s easy to say that your company places a high valuation on consistency and reliability. Stratos goes above and beyond simply making claims, backing up their line of infused products with science and hard data. In fact, in addition to complying with all state-mandated testing requirements, Stratos has a liquid chromatography testing lab on-site to make sure that every cannabis infusion they produce is up to their high (no pun intended) standards.

Charlotte Peyton, Partner Owner and Vice President of Sales & Quality at Stratos, expressed to us that “the magic is in the plant,” referring to the utilization of the whole cannabis plant for extraction and infusion into tablets. Using whole plant extract instead of fractionated cannabinoids highlights Stratos’ dedication to quality, purity and consistency in every tablet they produce. Plus, they expertly grow all of their cannabis on site to be used for infusion – making for an effective, vertically integrated operation.

Some cannabis plants almost ready to be harvested and processed into Stratos tablets.

Peyton went on to mention that “cannabis does not fit the FDA mold” which is why she and her founding partners decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry and bring their knowledge to the cannabis world. They identified a need for a more regulated and lab-grade approach to infusions and have seen great success, now selling to over 600 licensed facilities.

And this is just the beginning. Starting only three years ago, Stratos is taking Colorado by storm and has plans for a nationwide roll-out in the near future. Peyton walked us through her vision to “get to the point where our manufacturing facility is the hub for national operations.” So, if you’re upset Stratos is not in your cannabis market, be patient and you’ll soon be able to purchase their full line of products at a dispensary near you.

Consistent Edibles are Everywhere (If You Know Where to Look)

Needless to say, if you’ve had a bad experience with edibles, don’t give up! Do your research so you can say goodbye to overconsumption or edibles that are just plain duds. Specifically, find a dispensary with products that offer consistent dosing and reliable, effective results, like Stratos. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried Stratos products before? Do you have a favorite edible? Comment below and let us know!

Photo Credit: Stratos


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