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Wednesday May 11, 2022

By Shirley Ju

An image of an assortment of black and gold-dusted macarons. 420 Culture

The cannabis industry has come a LONG way, and it seems like everyday there’s something new to talk about. Whether it’s a new discovery about flower, a breakthrough in tax reform, or simply new methods to medicate, cannabis consumers around the globe are finding comfort in the positive benefits that stem from the plant, be it medicinal or recreational.

As more and more people are starting to see the potential within the power of cannabis, we can also greatly appreciate the innovative new ways of consuming it. If you’re not a fan of smoking or dabbing, edibles might be your next best option. Plus, the opportunities are endless!

An image of Herve hard candy edibles which are a bright green bricks connected at the bottom and stored in a lip stick-like container that has a white inside and a dark green cap
Hervé's Watermelon hard candy. photo credit

Let us introduce you to Hervé, who’s here to change the trajectory of edibles altogether. While many may think the options are limited, such as dabbling in the typical edible gummy or brownie, Hervé reminds us that edibles can be a culinary experience as well! Our taste buds and palette are ever changing, which is even more reason we appreciate creative new ways to medicate.

Luxury Sweets From Hervé

Hervé came into fruition within the classic art of pâtisserie creation, producing a line of exquisite, high-quality desserts, macarons and candy jam-packed with spectacular flavors. Per the company’s statement, they are proud to “blend together decades of traditional French culinary history with an innovative infusion process, to launch the first intricately infused luxury desserts. Hervé is a collection of luxury sweets for the modern discerning consumer of infused edibles”.

On top of a marble table top is a group of macarons that are sea-foam green, black, red, and dusted with 23K gold.
Hervé's macarons are a sweet treat without gluten and low in sugar. photo credit

In light of March 20th, National Macaron Day that just passed, Hervé unveiled their newest luxurious and elevated macarons dusted with gold, created to elevate and enhance any picnic, brunch, event… you name it. Created from hand-made ingredients such as almond flour and dusted with 23k gold, the products are gluten-free, low in salt and sugar, and contain 10 milligrams of premium sativa hybrid THC per piece.

Interview With Hervé

PotGuide spoke with Hervé to dig in and learn all about the brand.

[Shirley Ju]: When did you first get the idea to do edible macarons?

[Hervé]: When creating Hervé, we saw a major group of consumers that were not being catered to, the luxury consumer. While most of the industry is focusing on developing mass-produced products for cheap, Hervé focuses on the quickly emerging luxury consumer, with a collection of opulent desserts like macarons.

Light teal, sea foam green macarons that are grouped on two toned paper that is dark turquoise and light blue, and the treats are stuffed with white cream and gold brushed on the tops of them and surrounded by caramel with salt crystals on top.
Hervé strives for luxurious edibles that'll be available for the emerging high-end consumers. photo credit

Originally, our desires were to serve the most incredible individual desserts. However with regulations, we had to scale to a more accessible treat. While staying true to our French origins, we found macarons to be perfectly sweetened, where you find yourself able to eat one or 10! We hope to be able to offer even more incredible desserts soon!

[SJ]: What matters more, the potency or the flavor?

[H]: We prioritize the flavor in our macarons balanced with our 10 milligrams potency per serving to ensure our consumers have the most premium edible experience on the market. The flavors in a macaron are very delicate, making a high potency macaron would compromise the flavor and ultimately the experience that Hervé promises. We look forward to exploring alternative inputs from live rosin to solventless hash in our macarons.

[SJ]: How is the edible game evolving?

[H]: We’re excited to be a part of cannabis 2.0 movement of brands that are exploring new ingestible forms of cannabis other than the traditional forms, like smoking and vaping. We pay homage to the legacy consumption methods by ensuring the effects of our products are akin to that experience you would get from smoking flower.

Pink macarons that are grouped on two toned paper that is darker pink and pale, and the treats are stuffed with pink cream and gold brushed on the tops of them and surrounded by raspberries.
Hervé's Raspberry macarons that are 10 MG a piece. photo credit

We’re seeing consumers looking for faster on-set times, cleaner ingredients and sustainable packaging. We've listened and are ready to deliver on these findings with our newest product line, Le Mirage, which you’ll learn about later on in this interview.

[SJ]: How do you feel macarons are changing the evolution of edibles?

[H]: We wanted to find something that, unlike most edibles, which have been a ’delivery mechanism’ for cannabis with flavor and style taking a backseat, prioritized flavor and effect. Enter the infused macaron, which we believe is the best tasting macaron and one of the best tasting cannabis edibles on the market.

We understand that we’re in a niche category of a large segment of the market that is looking for premium cannabis products to enjoy and also share with their friends. Consumers want to be the first to discover and show their findings to their fiends, we’re here to meet that need with our macarons.

[SJ]: You mentioned launching your hard candy, what's the mission behind that one?

[H]: We chose to create a product that would appeal to an elevated cannabis consumer. Gummies were somewhat juvenile and as the consumer palette matures, we want to meet them in this category: with low sugar, fast acting and portable offerings that we project the market will start to demand. One small piece of candy (much like an Altoid or Jolly Rancher) leaves you more satisfied versus eating an entire pack of gummies.

Red, yellow, and red hard candy popping out of a containers that look similar to lip stick containers with a white inside tube and green outside cover.
Hervé's hard candy is fast acting and made from live resin. photo credit

For our Le Mirage hard candies, we use at most 4 ingredients in any flavor and utilize ingredients like fresh fruit purée in our sour collection to provide authentic flavor. Our Mirage candies are vegan, gluten free, contain no processed or added sugar, and contain less than 2 calories per serving. They actually have a glycemic level of ~2% making them suitable for low sugar and some diabetic diets. They are made with high quality live resin which creates a slow, gradual onset that delivers a calm, soothing high that doesn't hit you hard or end abruptly.

Would you try Hervé’s luxury edibles? Let us know your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Hervé


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