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Friday April 8, 2022

By Shirley Ju

Image from the California's Farmers Cup Edible competition with the Cookies building in the background, a neon green pop-up tent, and then a lady blowing a fire ball into the sky with blue hair News

Who loves edibles?! We do. With the cannabis industry continuing to find new, innovative ways to get high without smoking the product, more than ever are edibles being appreciated. What started out as just THC-infused brownies has now expanded into a whole culinary experience, branching into savory snacks such as Goldfish to even doing full-blown meals infused with THC.

What better way to celebrate edibles than by taste testing the best of the best brands, in every category possible?! Enter Farmers Cup, setting the bar to becoming the biggest edible competition to date. Reeling in licensed cannabis companies from all over California, they recently hosted their first ever people’s choice edibles competition in light of Valentine’s Day and whoa, was love in the air!

Exploring the Edibles at The Farmers Cup

PotGuide had the pleasure of being an exclusive VIP judge for the event, which was hosted at Cookies Mission Valley as the official dispensary partner and judge kit pick-up location. With over 160 judges participating, we were given a whole box of goodies which were separated into the categories of Savory, Baked, Chocolate Candy, and Healthy.

Booth at The Farmers Cup with a green marijuana leaf table cover with a sign saying put up your edible kits here.
Cookies Mission Valley hosted the Farmers Cup judge kit pick-up location and handed out delicious sample bags. photo credit

The focus of the competition is founded on the motto: “Cannabis, Community, Culture.” The goal of the event is to connect consumers through cannabis products as well as hosting a place to network amazing companies to retailers and other industry players.

Through the fun of testing and picking your favorite edibles, we were able to not only discover new brands, but appreciate the art of edibles as they continue to expand into everyday foods.

Koan Cordials packaging that is white with red wording and two hands intertwined, in front of a burlap bag with heart on the front
Koan Cordials are precision-calibrated cannabis-infused liquids designed to stimulate your mind, invigorate your body and untether your spirit. photo credit

Joshua Caruso, Farmers Cup official founder, states, “We aim to preserve California cannabis culture through cannabis events. Cannabis is more than a business and we continue to educate its history and values for the community.”

Wrap Up

Image of a Kaneh Co truffle bar with a sign that says,
Kaneh Co submitted their Caramelized Hazelnut Truffle Bars into the competition! photo credit

In the end, we were given an electronic ballet to fill out our favorite edibles as we patiently waited for the official awards ceremony. For their upcoming event, Farmers Cup plans to throw a 420 edition at Cannabis Row Earth Day in Balboa Park, San Diego. See you there!

Winners of Each Category

Chocolate: Buddy’s Chocolate Haus – Munchie THC Bar

Non-Chocolate: The Premier Edibles – Caramel Pastilles

Baked Goods: Grandma Bakers X Ghostface Killah – Killa Bee Brownie

Savory: Kush Kitchen By Georgetown Kushcakes – Garlic Flavored Oil

Beverages: Habit – Sparkling Mango

Healthy Candy: Kushy Punch – Cannabis Infused Sugar-Free Gummy

To see a list of full results, click here.

Picture of Self Baked, Bake It Yourself Edibles bag with rainbow colored strips running down vertically with a cupcake as a logo.
Self Baked entered their Bake-It-Yourself Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix allowing consumers to add eggs & butter to an infused cookie mix. photo credit

Check out all edible brand contestants!

Let us know what your favorite cannabis edible is, below in the comments!


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