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Friday October 26, 2018

By Paul Barach


Denver International Airport (DIA) is a great hub for travelers from all around the globe. It serves as both a destination to the Centennial State and also a gateway to many other wonderful areas of the world. But many people scratch their heads over the airport’s not-so-convenient location. Even though DIA is considered one of the more trafficked airports in the United States, it sits on the eastern outskirts of Denver and can be a bit of a pain to navigate to and from – making things like lodging accommodations and food selection fairly limited in the surrounding vicinity. Don’t worry though, that’s all about to change.

Luckily, travelers will have something to rejoice about as the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center is opening near DIA as early as December of this year.

Only minutes away from the airport, Gaylord Rockies will serve as a sanctuary for people looking to explore Colorado’s natural beauty. The hotel will be equipped with indoor and outdoor water activities, many options for both casual and formal dining, easy access to the mountains and much more! Even better? There are some awesome cannabis dispensaries nearby as well!

Closest Dispensaries to Gaylord Rockies Resort

So, your airplane has touched down at Denver International Airport. As you walk out the doors you have two things on your mind: 1) What’s up with the weird, apocalyptic art in that airport? 2) Where is the closest dispensary?

Since you’ll be staying at the Gaylord Rockies Hotel and not in Denver proper, driving 60 miles roundtrip to visit the Green Mile seems a little too far out of your way. This may have you questioning if your visit to the Mile High city will only be about the altitude and none of the high? Relax. There are plenty of dispensaries just a short drive from the Gaylord Rockies Resort that offer the same quality bud and product selection as you’ll find in the heart of Denver. So grab your luggage from the overhead compartment and read on for our list of the closest dispensaries to the Gaylord Rockies Resort and DIA.

Medicine Man – 4750 Nome Street, 80239 – 7.6 Miles from Gaylord Hotel

Family owned and operated, Medicine Man offers daily specials on all their strains, which are grown, trimmed, and cured with care. Additionally, their Happy Hour from 4:20pm-7:10pm gets you half off any accessory to smoke it with. Boasting daily specials like Monday’s “Buy One, Get One Half-Off Edibles” and Thursday’s “$25 Top Shelf 1/8th,” Medicine Man is a great place to swing by and pick up your first dispensary purchase.

Medicine Man

Their Private Stock strains such as Dark Ops and Emerald OG pack the punch you’re looking for to welcome you to Colorado. If you’re in the mood for edibles instead, Medicine Man has a wide selection of single dose options, from 10mg Strawberry Lemonade flavored Canyon lollipops to Sweet Grass Kitchen Peanut Butter cookies. There’s also 100 mg packages of gummies, cookies, and other treats if you’re looking to stay the week.

Lightshade – 11975 East 40th Avenue, 80239 – 8.5 Miles from Gaylord Hotel


Known for their great deals and reasonably priced bud, Lightshade is the place for first-timers to visit and take advantage of their Ambassador Flower special – just $15 for your first eighth of bud. Besides flower, Lightshade also offers a wide selection of edibles and topicals. If you’re looking to de-stress and sooth your body after your flight or get over that jet lag with a solid night of sleep, treat yourself to a couple squares of Blue Kudu Black Forest dark chocolate and a Mary’s Medicinal CBD Transdermal Patch.

Aroma Dispensary – 5433 Quebec St, 80022 – 9.5 Miles from Gaylord Hotel

The #1 recreational dispensary in Commerce City, Aroma Dispensary boasts two daily happy hours from 8am-10am and 7pm-10pm. If your plane is a red eye or a late arrival, Aroma is the place to visit for $21 1/8th, $40 1/4s, and $20 dabs. If you’re looking for high quality cannabis to welcome yourself into Denver’s marijuana culture, Aroma offers potent strains like the indica DJC at 36% THC and sativa Moonshine Haze at a whopping 40% THC.

Boasting a friendly staff that is always ready to answer any question you have, Aroma is the dispensary of choice for anyone who values customer service and variety. Their selection of concentrates, from Endocanna’s live sugars to Harmony Extracts shatter, is only matched by their wide assortment of edibles, tinctures and drinks.

Euflora Cannabis – 4343 S Buckley Rd, 80015 – 20.6 Miles from Gaylord Hotel

Known as “The Apple Store of Cannabis” Euflora’s Buckley location brings a high-class retail experience at affordable prices. And while it’s a little further out than some of the other dispensaries on our list, if you looking for “wow” factor then you have to stop at Euflora. They carry a wide selection of products and have an incredibly helpful staff that is both knowledgeable and approachable. Plus, they offer tons of deals and specials to make sure you walk out knowing you got the best prices possible. Stop by Euflora today to see what everyone is raving about!

Final Thoughts

If you’re worried about missing out on Denver’s cannabis culture by being confined to the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center on a short visit to the Mile High city, fear not. As our list shows, there’s plenty of dispensaries a short drive away to make your trip as authentically Colorado as you want. And, if it’s your first time, remember the rule of thumb with edibles: You can always take more, you can never take less. Happy traveling!

What’s your favorite dispensary near DIA? Comment below!

Photo Credit: Gaylord Hotels (license)


Paul Barach Paul Barach

Paul Barach is a Seattle-based freelance writer, editor, and author with experience creating well-researched, edited web articles covering cannabis news, culture, history and science. Paul is a regular contributor to PotGuide and has also contributed to publications such as, SlabMechanix, Litro, and The Trek. He prefers to spend his free time outdoors and most recently hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. So far he has only fallen into the La Brea Tarpits once. You can follow him on Instagram @BarachOutdoors and stay up to date professionally through his LinkedIn page.

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