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Saturday February 12, 2022

By Trevor Ross

Image of a cannabis flower on top of two condoms. 420 Culture

Cannabis provides a litany of benefits, both physical and mental, so it’s no wonder consumers enjoy including cannabis in their sexual experiences, be it with cannabis-infused massage oils, lubricants, or just smoking before sex. While there is no singular “Viagra of weed,” cannabis does influence the human libido, particularly in women.

In this article, we review how cannabis effects men and women differently, the effects of marijuana on sex, and what strains may enhance the sexual experience.

Marijuana and Sex

In women, small doses of cannabis have been reported to raise libido, reduce discomfort, and enhance orgasm. In one study published in 2019, an anonymous sample of nearly 400 women found those who used cannabis before sexual activity were twice as likely to experience “satisfactory orgasms.” The study concluded that a better understanding of the female endocannabinoid system is needed because it “could help lead to development of treatments for female sexual dysfunction.”

The science is still unfolding, but ECS treatment for sexual function may be unique to women because, estrogen — the hormones unique to female physiology — appears to influence cannabinoid receptor density and signal transduction. This means cannabinoids like THC may present more potently depending on a woman’s hormone level, such as during ovulation. For better or worse, men do not experience these factors, and their ECS function is more fixed.

Cannabis leaf on top of a heart
Cannabis has shown to increase libido in men and women. photo credit

While women experience mostly positive effect of cannabis during sex, men may find a mixed bag. Studies are unanimous that cannabis enhances sensations of touch, and many men report decreased performance anxiety. However, some also reported decreased libido and increased drowsiness, and others report being unable to achieve orgasm, or even an erection.

Regardless of what strain you choose, or how you and your partner choose to consume, low doses — at least to begin with — are strongly suggested. Getting just plain high may dull the mind and the senses, and bring your ride coasting to a stop.

Top Strains to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Each person may have a different definition of what enhancing pleasure means to them, so we’ve gathered selections across the effects spectrum. Check out these buds for the boudoir:

Skunk #1

Skunk #1

A true classic, Skunk #1 is notorious for its ability to increase libido while relieving pain and relaxing the body. It elevates mood while slowing a racing brain which is perfect for those who tend to stress about performance. However, please note that this strain may cause cottonmouth so keep a bottle of water close by.

Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk

This offspring of Skunk carries higher levels of limonene, a terpene known for reducing anxiety. Beware, however, that limonene is often found in racy sativas like Super Lemon Haze. While the jolt of energy and hyper focus from citrusy hazes may benefit some in the bedroom, it may cause anxiety in others, killing the mood pretty quickly. Looking for limonene in a hybrid should take some of the edge off, and at low doses it will only lift your mood and lower your inhibitions.



Indicas are infamous for couchlock and drowsiness, but in small doses, strains like Blueberry induce a deep physical comfort and heightened sense of touch. Low and slow is the way to go with this strain, as too much will put most users to sleep. But the waking sleep a small dose carries can turn sex into a dream.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel

This is an easy choice because most experiences are improved by Sour Diesel, but the high levels of limonene and caryophyllene back it up. Caryophyllene is another terpene like limonene, but unlike limonene, it actually binds to CB receptors the same way THC does, imparting a comfortable body high. Combined with reduced anxiety and increased energy, Sour Diesel comes prepared for more than a quickie.

Purple Dream

Purple Dream

Purple Dream is a cross of Grandaddy Purple and Blue Dream, a compassionate compromise between a blanketing indica and a potentially racy sativa. Purple dream has all the body effects of GDP without putting the user to sleep, and just enough cerebral activity from the Blue Dream without spinning the user off like a bottle rocket. This is a good strain for anyone who gets tangled in their own mind during sex.

Gorilla Glue

A sativa-dominant hybrid, Gorilla Glue is perfect for seasoned smokers thanks to its invigorating high and quick onset. Careful with the THC content, as too much can make some consumers anxious.But GG#4’s euphoric, pain-relieving high can help increase physical pleasure while taking the mind off more persistent discomforts.

Agent Orange

Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes with an energetic high, which may be hard for some users to aim. The euphoria and creativity could make more scattered minds wander away from the task at hand, but others will be carried away by the high levels of terpinolene and caryophyllene. Heightened creativity and lowered inhibitions make this strain fun for spontaneous or adventurous liaisons.


Marijuana is known to enhance tactile stimulation and reduce anxiety. For many users, these effects can serve as a useful romantic aid. In women, cannabis can increase libido and improve orgasms; and in men, cannabis can reduce performance anxiety and improve physical sensation.

When looking for strains for sexual pleasure, indicas tend to help more than sativas because indicas generally present more of a “body high” with reduced inhibition, while cerebral sativas may lead to distracting thoughts or anxiety. Instead, consumers may look at terpene profiles for compounds like limonene or caryophyllene, which reduce anxiety and increase sensitivity, respectively.

When consuming cannabis before sex, always begin with small doses. Even one puff or half an edible can be enough for most to feel the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the dizzying high. If you get too high, many of these effects will be erased by growing anxiety, sleepiness, or inability to climax.

Do you have a favorite strain for sex? Share it with other readers in the comments below.

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