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Friday February 10, 2017

By Samuel J. Smith


The groundhog just saw his shadow, which means we have a few more weeks of winter left. Don’t worry though because the peak season for exploring Colorado is almost here! To get you excited for warmer weather and scenic smoke spot sessions, we’ve hand-picked the best places to visit and enjoy some cannabis in Colorado!

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

An extremely popular destination in Morrison Colorado, the mighty Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Enjoy some fine Colorado cannabis and find yourself on an exciting excursion that is nothing short of epic.

Red Rocks Park offers two great pedestrian hiking trails: Trading Post Trail and the Geologic Overlook Trail. There is also a utility trail, called Red Rocks trail, which is used for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Both pedestrian trails are lined with bright red rock formations. The moderate hike through the formations is a perfect spot to spark up and enjoy the natural beauty.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is debated as one of the most incredible venues on earth to enjoy a show. Eager fans of music flock from around the world to see their favorite acts up on stage tucked perfectly between two rising red rock formations which define this iconic spot. Add some cannabis to the mix and you’re sure to have a fun-filled night!

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Photo credit: alans1948

St. Mary’s Glacier

Nestled in Idaho Springs is St. Mary’s Glacier of the Arapahoe National Forest. Hikers brave the very moderate 1.4-mile hike up a rocky natural staircase to the foot of St. Mary’s Lake. From this point of view, you can see the giant white glacier laid on the side of the mountain peak. It is the perfect quick hike for tourists or visitors who may not be interested in spending the whole day hiking in high altitude. For those looking for a more challenging hike, the glacier goes on for several miles and there is plenty of rocky terrains to climb and explore around on.

In winter and in summer you will find hikers skiing, snowboarding and sledding down the side of the glacier. For the stoners who don’t come prepared, you can always slide down on your belly or even in a trash bag! If you are a thrill seeker, you could take a chilly dip in St. Mary’s Lake or try your hand at some cliff-diving. This place is not only beautiful but a blast of a time, especially with some frosty trees accompanying the exhilarating views. If you’re visiting in the summertime, be aware that there’s still snow up there, so always bring an extra layer!

St. Mary's Glacier

The Crags

If you are looking for a longer half day hike, you must hike The Crags in Pike National Forest. The 4.9-mile trail is pretty moderate with amazing wooded areas perfect for plenty of secret hike sessions. Consuming your favorite marijuana product while visiting the Crags is definitely a must-do for any cannabis enthusiast.

As soon as you hit the end of the trail and the summit of the hike, you are immersed into a three-hundred and sixty degree view of the Colorado Springs area. Jump up on the tallest ledge you can find and take a look around, the views are too spectacular to miss. The breathtaking views, in combination with the sun, breeze, wildlife and a nice infused guacamole snack at elevation will make the perfect day trip!

The Crags

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs could possibly be Colorado’s most beautiful lake. Only 3 hours outside of Denver, the hike to the lake is quick and moderate. You’ll definitely have plenty of energy to enjoy the lake and climbing around the many great smoke spots in the near vicinity.

Take Hanging Lake’s name seriously. The terrain and geography surrounding the lake make it seem suspended in the air. A majestic waterfall descends casually in the background and is the perfect backdrop of serenity. Unfortunately, Hanging Lake strictly prohibits all forms of swimming or standing under the waterfall, so please refrain from jumping in and follow all posted signage. Don’t worry about not being able to dip your toes in, the excellent views are sure to keep you calm and chilled. In combination with a little cannabis, the options for scenic smoke spots are endless.

Hanging Lake

Photo credit: Rick's Images

Strawberry Hot Springs

If you’re looking for something that involves nature but less physical activity than hiking, we suggest you try visiting one of Colorado’s natural hot springs like Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, CO. Open year-round to the public, the Strawberry Hot Spring is the perfect spot to hit up after smoking a bowl or taking a dab. The crisp 109-degree mineral water will only add to your relaxation. We suggest pairing a dip in the hot spring with some heavy indica for the best possible experience!

If you’re a hiker, skier or snowboarder, the hot springs is a perfect place to go unwind after a vigorous day of physical activity. Not only will the water help ease away those aches and pains from the day, but the minerals within the water are also great for rejuvenating skin.

Strawberry Creek Hotsprings

Photo credit: Eli Duke

Bear Creek Falls

The most famous hiking and biking trail of the Telluride Colorado area is Bear Creek Trail. Hikers arrive at the Bear Creek Falls after a moderate 2-mile hike. Sit down and take a breather next to the falls or sneak off the trail for a quick toke. The bright green scenery of the Telluride area is almost electric and neon. Bear Creek Falls is another great day hike for those who enjoy their own beds after an adventure.

Bear Creek Falls

Photo credit: John Fowler

Rattlesnake Canyon Arches Trail

McInnis Canyon is not only in your face and unreal beautiful, but also is massive in size. At 192 square miles, hikers can spend the day exploring the 1,023 acres. Rattlesnake Canyon Arches Trail is located in the McInnis conservation area featuring nine red arches along the 2.5-mile trail.

The natural red rock formations are the perfect way to see time with your own eyes. Stand there imagining the amount of time, wind and sand it took for the formation of the arches while you consume your favorite cannabis strain. Weather-eroded natural arches are spectacular and make for a great smoke spot picture.

Rattlesnake Canyon Arches Trail

Photo credit: Glenn Merrit

Maroon Bells/Maroon Lake

If you have ever seen a picture featuring a mountain, a lake and two twin peaks, it may have been a picture of Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake. The Maroon Bells are twin peaks outside of Aspen that are world famous for their spectacular scenery and serene atmosphere. The twin peaks are the most photographed set of mountain peaks in all of North America.

This iconic spot is known for its surreal views and clashes between colors of the seasons. Because the lake is so popular, there are restrictions on visiting at times in summer and in fall so be sure to call-ahead. Don’t forget to eat some edibles before going to this out-of-this-world beautiful lake for the best Colorado experience!

Maroon Bells

Photo credit: Jeff Keacher


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