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Very dense buds.  The crystals are very sparkly and glisten with milky trichomes.  Little hints of purple, and definitely shows both Sour Diesel and Kush characteristics.


Really strong kush aroma with a hint of citrus.


Strong kush taste with a super sour taste that lingers.


Strong body high will leave you planted.  Left me feeling very slow and sluggish.


Mixed with Sour Diesel x Masterlow or Sour Diesel x OG Kush genetics, these buds are highly resinous and bud structure is absolutely gorgeous.  Huge swollen calyxes make this strain yield much more bud to leaf ratio.  I think this is a beautiful mix of strains that really show off its best traits.  Copious amounts of crystals, delicious citric-sour taste, and a great buzz makes this a treat for any time of the day.
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