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Very dry, nicely trimmed.  Fair amount of trichs but nothing “snowy” – did not possess a lot of Fall colors as a later harvest of Maui tends to do.


A little earthy, maybe a hint of a spice (like Halloween or Xmas spice).


Not much on this sample, more hashy or ashy.


Strong, but not “knock your socks off” strong.  This Maui was nice for a beautiful, sunny day with a walk to the park a very pleasant experience.  I had increased auditory and visual stimulation, lots of patience for things going on around me, but I was still focused and alert.  The step down took place at just past an hour, and 30 minutes following that I was starting to notice mild irritations in my surroundings.


This specimen is solid but not the best representation of Maui that I’ve seen.  With a choice of Maui’s at different places and a choice of some better strains at CAM, I’m not sure I’d buy much more than a gram of this one to get my Maui “fix”.  It was a very relaxing and mellow buzz and thouroughly enjoyable, but we’re critics at the end of the day and this wasn’t the best Maui on the block.

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