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A green fuzzy teddy bear – The trichome structure on these buds are just spectacular.  They are super long and makes the nug look almost fuzzy.  Fair colored nugs with huge calyx dripping with resin.


Very pungent sweet chemical citrus pine.


Thick smoke with the distinctive taste of Skunk and Haze.  It was very clean – good expansion.


Immediate effect gave a heightened body warmth in my torso area with a somewhat overwhelming head high (cerebral is the common description).  My initial description was that my head felt attached to a string hanging from the ceiling.  I could then hear a pounding in my head and some slight neck tension, facial warmth and tingle.  After these 5 minutes it was  a strong but smooth and happy buzz.


Great stuff! High quality in every category. Its powerful cerebral buzz, mixed with a milder body high, has made this strain an up-and-coming contender for top medical strains.  Jack Flash is a great looking strain with many desirable traits.  When this strain is around, do not hesitate to try some for yourself.

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