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Monday October 31, 2016

By Samantha Lyn Chan

420 Culture

Pumpkin spice, holiday feasts, and cozy scarves – these are a few iconic sentiments that come to mind when thinking about the fall season. But what about marijuana? Can this be a new quintessential fall staple, too? Thankfully with the 7 activities below, it most definitely can be!

Enjoying marijuana is a year-round event, but what you may not know is just how fun and exhilarating it is to be high in Colorado during the fall season. As both a metropolitan and outdoor epicenter, Colorado is not short on fun things to do no matter the season. Add in the opportunity to be high with heightened senses and the fun only intensifies. Check out our favorite Colorado activities to do this fall, while high.

1) Drive-In Theatre

Every summer, Denver hosts a myriad of movies in the park for neighbors and visitors to enjoy. But as the weather cools, the outdoor appeal does as well.

So what’s a movie-loving toker to do now that it’s fall? Enter the classic pastime, drive-in theaters! Head on over to 88 Drive In Theatre, located in Commerce City, for nostalgic feels, modern flicks, and high times. Unlike many other drive-in theaters, 88 Drive-In Theatre promises to “… run in as far into the Fall as long as weather and attendance permit”. The weather is still accommodating (for now) so be sure to squeeze this event in this fall before it’s too late!

Drive In Theater

88 Drive-In Theater source

2) Art Shows

Being stoned is like opening the gateways to the land of creativity. Colors are brighter and more fluid. Thoughts are deeper and more complex. Conversations are funnier and seem to bear more meaning than usual.

Take advantage of this hyped-up creative streak and take in some local art. There are plenty of great exhibitions running this fall – all promising to take you on a visual and mind-bending trip.

Shows to check out:

Shock Wave: Japanese Fashion Design, 1980s-90s (Now-May 28, 2017)

Looking Back: 40 Years/40 Artists (Now-November 13, 2016)

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum source

3) Haunted Houses

Not for the light of heart and definitely not for those who get paranoid while stoned! But if you dare to enter a haunted house this fall, then this one is for you. Tickets are already available to Denver’s most popular haunts.

Modern-day haunted houses are highly sophisticated with more than just a few cardboard cut-outs and spooky pre-recorded tracks. The great ones in Denver include real actors that chase you, gag-inducing sulfur smells, and eerie lighting effects. Imagine experiencing all of these visceral effects while your senses are intensified! It’s a can’t-miss, fun, cannabis-induced activity you’ve got to try this fall.

Haunted Houses to check out:

13th Floor Haunted House (Now-November 2016)

Asylum Haunted House (Now-November 2016)

Great Room Escape: Zombie and Cabin (Now-November 2016)

Escape Room

The Great Room Escape source

4) The Leaves, They Are a Changin’

One of the most telltale signs of fall is the change in leaves. Seemingly overnight, they turn vibrantly orange, red, yellow, and brown. It’s a beautiful sight to behold and when in Colorado, it’s even more magical thanks to our mountain-filled backdrop.

Roll a joint, pack a picnic, and head over to the Rocky Mountain National Park to fully enjoy all that a Colorado fall has to offer. There are over 300 miles of hiking trails, wildflowers, and autumn leaves to behold. While it’s open year-round, it’s definitely worth squeezing a trip in this fall before the leaves are covered in snow.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park source

5) Hike Red Rocks

In case you haven’t already caught wind of this… Colorado is GORGEOUS – like breathtaking, heart-stopping, stunningly good-looking. And the best way to enjoy such beauty is to be in the heart of it. To do so, head over to Red Rocks Amphitheater on a pleasant fall day to take in a hike or simply check out the venue. The Red Rocks Trail at Red Rocks Park is a year-round, 6-mile loop, lasting approximately 3 hours. Take the dogs, pack a lunch, and pack a bowl as you enjoy the views and fresh air.

Red Rocks

Trading Post Trail around Red Rocks source

6) Eat at a Great Restaurant

We don’t know about you, but when we get high, we definitely get hit with a big ol’ case of the munchies. And with it being fall, it only makes sense to pack on a little pre-winter hibernation padding, right? Thankfully, there are many new spots to try around town ranging from American to Chinese to Mexican (and everything in between).

Restaurants to check out:

Hop Alley (Modern Chinese food, featuring shared plates)

Denver Central Market (Collection of bakery, pizzeria & much more in an airy marketplace)

Cheba Hut (Great sandwiches and other snacks)

Sexy Pizza (Amazing slices of 'za)

Cheeba Hut Sandwich

A tasty sandwich from Cheeba Hut source

7) Comedy Shows

There might not be anything better than a case of the giggles after enjoying cannabis with friends. Oh wait, there is something better – enjoying a case of the giggles at a comedy show with friends! There is a ton of great talent hitting Denver this fall so book now to reserve your seat.

Comedy shows to check out:

Amy Schumer: Inside Schumer (November 5, 2016)

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Denver Improv

Stand up Comedy

Denver is a hub for standup comedy source

Even though colder weather is upon us in Colorado, don’t hibernate just yet! Grab your favorite people, your cannabis of choice, and head out to experience all that beautiful Colorado has to offer this season. Laugh, eat and hike this fall to your highest content. Got a favorite activity to do in the fall? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

Photo Credit: Artur Rutkowski


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