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Tuesday December 8, 2015

By Abby Hutmacher


With more than 900 dispensaries in the state of Colorado, finding the right one can be a bit overwhelming. Though you can choose one based on proximity alone, the experience will be much more enjoyable if you find the perfect dispensary based on your needs rather than a just a convenient location.

To help you find the best dispensary for your specific needs, we’ve outlined a few things to consider to make the decision a bit easier. If you’re in the market for a new dispensary, consider the following:


First and foremost, you need to get to your dispensary. Check out PotGuide’s dispensary locator to find a few dispensaries close to you to begin narrowing your search. If you’ll be flying in through the Denver International Airport, be sure to check out some of the dispensaries near DIA or get a little closer to your destination before making a purchase. Just remember that the deeper you get into the mountains, the more expensive cannabis products tend to be, so check dispensary prices for all potential locations online first.

Quality of Product

Some dispensaries grow and produce their own products and some receive theirs from wholesalers. This means that the quality of cannabis products can differ quite a bit between locations so it is important to understand what you’ll be getting ahead of time. You can check reviews online or consult local testing facilities to discover the lab-tested potency and cannabinoid profile of the strains you’re interested in.

Knowledge of Staff

Unless you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, chances are you’ll have a few questions about the products on the dispensary shelf. If the staff is knowledgable, they should be able to guide you through the selection process by offering sound advice and accurate product information. If the staff seems disinterested in your questions or resorts to vague answers, you may have better luck shopping around. Call ahead to ask a few questions and gauge your comfort level based on their response.


There are many different cannabis products to choose from, but some dispensaries feature items that others don’t. If there’s a specific product you’re interested in (or if you prefer a wide variety as opposed to just a few), check out dispensary menus and product reviews online. If you’ve got friends in Colorado, ask them for their input, as well.


Purchasing cannabis should never make you feel uncomfortable. Make sure your dispensary visit is enjoyable by finding one with a welcoming atmosphere. Do you prefer a small shop with a close, friendly staff or a larger, spa-like location with a lounge area and a selection of freshly-brewed coffees? Whatever you prefer, there is a dispensary to suit your taste.


Most dispensaries feature a menu and pricing guide online. After narrowing down your search to a few closest to you, visit their websites to decide which location is the most affordable based on the quality of the product and your specific needs. Please note that some dispensaries offer their products for a relatively low cost in an attempt to get the product off of the shelves (especially if quality alone won’t do it). Check online reviews alongside menu prices to decide whether or not a discount is really worth it.


Finding the best dispensary requires a lot of homework, but you can cut down the effort by researching dispensary reviews online. Find out what others are saying about the dispensaries in your neighborhood with our “Where to Buy” page. Just click on the dispensary you’re considering to find reader reviews. Don’t forget to leave your own review by signing up for a PotGuide account.

Whether you’re planning a Colorado vacation or are a resident in need of a regular dispensary, use these tips to find the best places to buy marijuana in Colorado.

Do you have a favorite Colorado dispensary? We’d love to hear about it.

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Abby Hutmacher Abby Hutmacher

Abby is a writer and founder of Cannabis Content, a marketplace designed to connect cannabis writers and creatives with businesses in the industry. She has been a professional cannabis writer since 2014 and regularly contributes to publications such as PotGuide and M&F Talent. She is also the Content Director at Fortuna Hemp, America’s leading feminized hemp seed bank. Follow Abby on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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